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One hundred and fifty years have passed since the first match in the Galactic Arena. This ancient mystical arena was originally located in an abandoned Serpente subsystem forgotten by time. After the First Apocalypse, the Terrans built endless numbers of space platforms to colonize space, and an agreement was brought forth between the Terrans and a mystical sect of great influence to lease the space platform CETUS-7. The ancient arena was rebuilt on top of the platform, taking the galactic fights into space.

The Atomic Brotherhood holds all the broadcast rights for the Arena, netting them trillions of Credits for every minute of every fight. Their aptitude for organizing unconventional games makes them exceedingly popular with the masses, and now the time has come again. Gladiators from all over the galaxy are gathering on CETUS-7. Only five heroes will survive to face the coming Apocalypse. The Oracles have spoken the words: \"May the Zenites shine upon you.\" Those who cannot understand their meaning are destined to meet their doom.

Apocalypse Universe: Galactic Arena, the first of five projects set in the Apocalypse Universe, is a strategic science fiction \"hero vs. hero\" game that takes place in the Galactic Arena of CETUS-7. The guiding principle of this game is replayability. Each hero has different stats and abilities, allowing unique builds that depend on player choice.

The game is played by 2-6 players and can be played as 1vs1, 2vs2 or 3vs3. In 1vs1, the players follow a draft procedure and pick 1-3 heroes out of the ten available. After both players have chosen their heroes, they prepare them to enter the Arena. Heroes can equip weapons and special abilities before combat. The arena board consists of a grid of hexagons with starting positions, secret traps, and treasure crates.

Both players secretly choose, then reveal heroes, placing them on the two starting positions of the board. The hero with the highest initiative score plays first. The player controlling him is considered the attacker and his opponent is the defender. Each hero has a number of action points that can be used to perform his special abilities, to defend, or to attack. A ten-sided die is used for attacking and defending. The attacking player adds his hero's attack score to his attack roll and the defending player respectively adds his hero's defense score to his defense roll. When a hero is wounded, he loses health points — and at zero health, he's defeated.
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